About us

We founded our small family label “kullaloo” 2013 in Germany and since then we have been selling a large variety of e-books for cuddly toys and baby toys, clothing sewing patterns and our cuddly SuperSoft plush, sold by the metre or in sewing kits to match our cuddly heroes.

How it all started

In 2012, after two years of preparation, we gave up our secure jobs in an online agency and, after a short baby break, founded kullaloo in early 2013. I, Juliane, had already started to write the kulaloo blog during my parental leave, but it was only together with Manuel that we turned kullaloo into a “real” label for creative, lovingly designed children’s things.

Since then we have been working on kullaloo with a lot of passion, attention to detail and a very helpful pool of knowledge from our old jobs. Always driven by the endeavor that with our help you can make little children’s eyes shine.

Juliane Heidi Dreyer

Product development and creation, design, web development

I’ve always loved everything that has to do with sewing and handicrafts. As a 12-year-old I was already sewing cuddly toys out of old curtains and towels on my grandmother’s old pedal sewing machine, both self-designed cuddly toys and teddy bears based on my then favorite book “Teddys”. But how life goes: You grow up, have less time and so my passion for sewing rested for many years.

After studying “Media Management & Journalism” I moved to Mainz, Germany and started my first job in an internet agency. During my studies as well as at work I learned how to use graphics programs, how to illustrate and animate characters, and that’s how I discovered my love for character design.

At the same time there were plenty of babies born in my circle of friends and I was gripped by the desire to find very special gifts for these little newborns, because after all, their mothers were also something very special to me. So I bought a sewing machine, enough fabric for mass production of cuddly toys, and began to sew cuddly toys, crackling cloths and music boxes according to various sewing patterns I had bought. Soon I had my own ideas for cuddly toys and so I made use of my graphic skills and developed a pattern for a cuddly toy that I could digitize with one of my everyday professional programs. At the same time, our our own baby announced her arrival and so I used maternity protection to start a sewing & DIY blog. Since Manuel’s and mine desire to shape our professional future together became more and more concrete, after a few months of maternity protection we decided to take the huge and somewhat crazy step: to turn MY hobby into OUR profession.

Manuel Seitner

Marketing, social media, cooperations, project management

I have been active in the online sector for more than 10 years. Here I am less fascinated by the technical aspect than by the possibilities that the World Wide Web offers for communicating with other people, for making everyday tasks easier and, last but not least, for selling products. Always interested in new developments and curious to try out new platforms and tools, I got the idea of ​​my own “online label”. After several years of working on internet projects for customers, the appeal of an own online project grew. This then resulted in our kullaloo project.